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What is the crowdfunding platform

The "all or nothing" principle

What is the final project spurt?

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What do we understand by civil-society projects?

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How is financed?

Registration and Privacy

How can I create a profile

How can I create a profile for an organisation?

How can I restrict the disclosure of my data on the project exchange?

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What are coupons?

Why should I give away coupons?

How can enterprises use coupons for their CSR?

How do I buy coupons?

How do I redeem a coupon?

Why is a handling surcharge being charged?

Project initiators

Why submit a project on

Welche Arten von Projekten gibt es auf

How do I start a project on 

Who can submit a project? Which conditions must I fulfill?

How do I register correctly?

Will my project be reviewed?

Must I comply with certain rules?

How can I publicise my project?

How do I get the money?

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Can the financing period be extended for my project?

Project investors

How can I invest in a project?

Are donations by payment form possible?

What happens to my money?

Can I also actively participate in the project I have co-financed?

Project experts

How can I support projects as an expert?

Project activists

How can I participate in a project?

Who decides on my participation?

Donate time

How can I place my time at the disposal of a project?