[Translate to English:] Wie kann ich in ein Projekt investieren?

If you want to invest in a project on Respekt.net (donate money, donate knowledge or donate time), you must fill in the obligatory fields of your user profile. After logging in, you will find the user profile in the menu item “my profile” in the green bar of the main navigation at the far right.

Project investors can invest in projects on the project exchange (meaning: donate money) and contact project initiators on the project exchange.

As a project investor, you can make donations to individual projects simply and directly by clicking the button “invest”.

Alternatively, you can use the project basket, in which you can “park” several projects and/or amounts in order to subsequently support these with a single transaction.

If you have not filled in all obligatory fields such as the date of birth in your user profile, you will receive a reminder.

After clicking the invest button, you will be transferred to our payment service provider mPAY24. There you will be offered payment options by credit card (MASTERCARD, VISA), online banking by Austrian banks and PayPal.

However, you can also invest in projects by payment form or bank transfer. Read more under “Are donations by payment form possible?”.

Respekt.net-Betriebsgesellschaft m.b.H. manages your donated funds in a separate project account and only releases them to the project initiators if their project meets the examination criteria and if the project has been fully financed.

You can be contacted by project initiators on Respekt.net concerning the support of projects.