How do I start a project on

1. First of all, please register.

2. Then fill in your user profile completely under the menu item "my profile".

3. If an association, an organisation or a firm is to appear as a project initiator, an additional profile for an organisation must be created. For this purpose, a natural person (private person) with representative authority must register first and then create the organisation in the submenu item "create organisation" in the menu item "community".

4. As the project initiator, you can easily create and describe your project under the submenu item "new project" in the menu item “submit project”. Simply enter the appropriate information in the five data collection fields. Click on the “next” button after every field and on the button “save” at the end.

5. When your project has been stored, you enter the formulation phase. Provided that your project is not contrary to the values of In the formulation phase, it is up to you to describe your idea as clearly as possible. Project descriptions can still be changed in the formulation phase.

6. If a project is completed from the point of view of the project initiators, it can be registered for the financing phase in the <status> tab (now money can be collected). For the financing phase, all fields in the project registration form or in the section “project description” of the individual project must be filled in correctly and completely. This is checked automatically. You will be immediately informed about missing data.

7. If all the data are filled in correctly and completely, the following documentation remains to be sent to the office for activation of your project:

  • The project form, personally signed or signed by an authorised party of a submitting organisation
  • An ID copy
  • For projects over 3000 Euro, also the signed project contract

Project initiators present sociopolitical projects on the project exchange and seek the professional, organisational and/or financial support of third parties for the implementation of their projects. This circumstance creates special obligations of diligence for project initiators in handling the professional, organisational and/or financial assistance from these third parties.

Project initiators are obliged to provide correct data as to their person and the project submitted, as the founders of attach great importance to maximum transparency vis-à-vis the users.