What is the crowdfunding platform www.respekt.net?

www.respekt.net is Austias first crowdfunding platform for a better society. www.respekt.net is a market place for commited people and their ideas, to find support. 

A good idea can be submitted quickly and easily as a project and hence be published on the crowdfunding platform www.respekt.net.  Users who think this idea is worthy of support can donate time, money or knowledge. Everybody can submit a project - no matter if you are an individual, a group of students or a non profit organisation.  

The crowdfunding platform www.respekt.net works according to the “all or nothing” principle. That means that the project initiators only receive the money donated if a project is completely financed (the target budget is attained). Exceptions include long term projects, which ask for support for a long period of time. 

Martin Winkler, president of the association Respekt.net:

It is simply on us to act against existing grievance and injustice. Every citizen may use the crowdfunding platform www.respekt.net to promote or fund a project for the improvement of our society.“