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  • New Horizons Kenya writes14.03.2019 - 06:50Water flows in Nyangoge

    It was a great moment when the drill brought the first water to light. Now we are very close to our goal. We are all very excited. There is still a lot to do until everything is ready, but we are on schedule.The place has become a veritable place of pilgrimage. School classes come to marvel at the big machine, the women gather to sing and pray. Our Spinika has become the most famous person of Nyangoge, because she will soon give the whole village clean drinking water. We have pushed our two important projects - the water was found and Spinika gets the attention that every disabled person should get. But we work on that.Since the project was pre-financed by private funds, we continue to ask for active support and thank all our supporters.

  • New Horizons Kenya writes27.02.2019 - 19:03The voltage increases

    Today the machines arrived in Nyangoge. We start drilling in the morning. Let us all hope that everything works out and please continue to support us so energetically - many thanks in the name of Spinika and all villagers.

  • New Horizons Kenya writes21.02.2019 - 18:09Spinika gets the construction workers on the roof

    The kiosk is almost done. The tank is on the roof and everything now has to harden for the next few weeks to withstand the heavy load of the filled tank after completion.

    Next week, the well company will come and start drilling.

    We are all very excited.