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Are donations by payment form possible?

Donations for projects on the crowdfunding platform can also be made offline by bank transfer or cash deposit to the project account of

IBAN: AT603200000111043536


This allows people who do not have Internet access or do not want to use it for online transactions to donate for projects.

Also, regular donations are possible via a standing order or a debit order.

People that make an offline donation must indicate their real name and a valid address on the payment order. In addition, the reason for payment must indicate the number or the name of the desired project(s) and a valid e-mail address. If the transfer includes money for more than one project, a breakdown of the money is required.

If the personal data on the pay-in slip is not legible and cannot be determined with a reasonable effort, the donation will be allocated to a collective donor account up to 1000 Euro. These donations will then be allocated to the project with the highest degree of funding on the crowdfunding platform Donations of more than 1000 Euro that cannot be identified are allocated to a blocked account.

Just as when the transaction was performed online, the donation and the donor will be made visible on the crowdfunding platform. In addition, all offline donors are registered on the basis of the data ascertained from the transfer vouchers. If no e-mail address is indicated, you will receive no information about the status of the funding of the project, the project progress and its conclusion. does not send postal information