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Can the financing period be extended for my project?

As a basic principle, there is no provision for extensions of financing periods on the crowdfunding platform According to our terms and conditions of use you have up to 4 months to achieve sufficient financing for a target budget under 3000 Euro and up to 6 months for one over 3000 Euro. m.b.H. reserves the right to decide on an extension of the financing period in individual cases upon request.

The important criteria for such decisions are:

  1. The degree of financing: Extensions are only taken into consideration if the financing status is more then 33 % of the target budget. In other words, at least 1/3 - or preferably 50 % - of the financing requirement must have been achieved.
  2. The existence of a concrete action plan for further funding: The project initiators take appropriate PR measures in consultation with (e.g. new newsletter mailings, media contributions, press conference, fundraising events, flyers and posters ...)
  3. Compliance with the PR agreement: All project initiators have signed a PR agreement since January 2012. It contains: linking to the own website and social media, mention the possibility of making donations via on project-related flyers and leaflets etc.
  4. The first-time aspect of the extension wish. Each project can only be extended once!
  5. Reaching the final project spurt: Projects that reach the final project spurt automatically remain in the “financing” status for the duration of the final spurt (see FAQ: What is the final project spurt?).
  6. Participation in an award-voting: Projects that take part in an award voting, automatically remain in the "financing" status for the duration of the voting.