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How can I double the user’s donations for a specific project (Double Donations Group)

In case your company wants to get engaged for a specific project, you can also create a double donations group. You just need to indicate the maximal sum of user’s donations you would like to double.

For example: You establish a double donations group that tries to generate 5.000 Euro for a project. By depositing 2.500 Euro, you double each of their donations.

Every double donations group consists of their own website with an URL. You can upload your logo/photo and publish a text about your motivation. Each group member who wants to have his donation doubled can donate to your double donations group. Double donation – double motivation!

How it works:

  1. Create a double donations group. Here you can find a detailed description: Link
  2. Click on “double donations” at the top on the right
  3. Click on “activate double donations group”
  4. Pay the half of the group’s aimed total donation budget. Follow the instructions.
  5. OPTIONAL: You can also indicate the project’s entire budget as the group’s target amount.
  6. Your Double Donations Group including the feature to double the donations is activated
  7. The bar indicating the donation progress starts at zero.
  8. Each donation by a group member is will be doubled by the donation you’ve already made.

The advantages:

  • You can engage directly for your favourite projects
  • Donors are stronger motivated through the opportunity to double their donations
  • You can send an invitation to your employees and customers for your double donations group
  • You get your own website presenting your messages