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How can I create a profile for an organisation?

Besides natural persons, organisations (so-called juristic persons) can also register themselves on The registration of organisations (e.g. enterprises, associations, foundations etc.) requires more effort compared with natural persons.

Before an organisation can be registered, a natural person must be registered. This person must be authorised to represent the organisation to be registered alone (see further down).

As soon as you are logged in under your profile and click the subitem "create organisation" in the menu item “community”, you reach the application form for organisations. In addition to the contact and other data of the organisation, the name, date of birth and e-mail address of the person with representative authority are requested. These data are automatically taken over from the profile of the natural person who creates this profile. Additionally, data for up to two further persons to contact can be entered. With “save”, the profile for the organisation is created - if all fields were duly filled in.

In contrast to the profile of a natural person, the profile of the organisation is not immediately available afterwards. Before activating the profile, we examine in the background whether the data of the organisation and the person with representative authority are correct. By doing so we want to prevent people from acting in the name of an organisation without authorisation. If necessary, we will contact you if data are incorrect or contradictory. As soon as we have checked and verified the data we will send you a confirmation that we have activated the profile of the organisation. You can then invest in projects, buy coupons and submit projects as an organisation.