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How can I delete my profile?

If you want your profile to be deleted, please send a written notification to After examining your data, we will completely deactivate your profile so that your data are no longer accessible for anyone.

As a basic principle registered users who are engaged in projects, that are successfully funded, implemented, completed, or failed resp. canceled in the financing process on the crowdfunding platform, or have donated money or time to projects, started donor groups or redoubling groups, acquired donations, or purchased or redeemed vouchers, may resign from the crowdfunding platform the earliest after seven years following the successful funding of a project or its failure or cancelation during the funding process. This is due to a mandatory statutory retention period. 

For legal reasons, the complete deletion of your data in our system is only allowed after the legal retention period of 7 years. If you want a complete deletion of your data after the legal retention period, please point it out explicitly. Then we will not only deactivate your profile but delete it from the database, after the retention period.

In any case, your data will not be passed on to third parties. Neither the association nor the m.b.H are considered of beeing third parties. Of course, must also obey judicial orders.