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How can I participate in a project?

If you want to support a project on by participating in it, you must fill in the obligatory fields in the user profile completely and also select the role project actor offered in your user profile. After logging in, you will find the user profile in the menu item “my profile”  in the top-right corner. 

If you want to support a project as a project actor, it is recommended that you contact the initiators of the project you are interested in directly. On the page of the particular project you will find an envelope symbol next to the name of the project initiators. If you click on the symbol, an e-mail form is opened and you can send an e-mail to the project initiators with your offer of support.

Simply describe why you want to participate in a certain project as an actor and what you can contribute. In principle, however, it is up to the project initiators whether they take you up on your offer or not.