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How can I place my time at the disposal of a project?

Projects that are explicitly seeking participation or specialised support can use the function "donate time" for this purpose. The required time donation is exactly described by the project initiators and can demand special expertise (e.g. legal or tax advice) or just participation (setting up and dismantling equipment etc.). For each time donation, project initiators define an exact number of hours that will presumably have to be expended.  Registered users who want to support a project with time donations can enter the number of hours they would like to donate for the respective time donation categories via the button “donate time”. In order to be able to donate time, the user profile must be filled in completely for trouble-free contacts - in particular the address and the telephone number.

Time donations are deemed binding as soon as they are entered. If you made an incorrect entry by mistake, please report to admin(at) immediately.

Time donations (hours) are taken into account in the respective time donation category of the respective project and deducted from the total time quota, so that only as many time donations as actually needed can be entered.  Your own profile image additionally appears with every time donation with a link to your own profile.

All projects with time donations you find here: projects with time donations.