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How can I support projects as an expert?

If you want to support a project on as a project expert, you must fill in the obligatory fields in the user profile completely and also select the role project expert offered in your user profile. After logging in, you will find the user profile in the menu item “my profile”  in the top-right corner. 

As a project expert, you appear in the public list of the project experts in the community area. You can be contacted by project initiators concerning the support of projects. It is therefore recommended that you do not hide your e-mail address.

As a project expert, you are at perfect liberty to accept a project enquiry or not.

If you support a project with your specialised knowledge as a project expert with the consent of the project initiators, you appear as a project expert in the information field provided for this purpose. However, you must be separately cleared by the project initiators for this.

If you want to support a project as a project expert, it is recommended that you contact the initiators of the project you are interested in directly. To do so, you can simply click the letter symbol next to the name of the project initiators and send an e-mail. Briefly describe how and why you want to support the respective project with your knowledge as a project expert.

In principle, however, it is up to the project initiators whether they take you up on your offer or not. If project initiators repeatedly find your establishing contacts as annoying and notify our administrators accordingly, we can prevent you from using the contacting facility in accordance with the terms and conditions of use.

We have implemented another form of the provision of expertise with the function “donate time”. With this, project initiators can request specific specialised support with a concrete quota of hours. See the “donate time” FAQ for more details.