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How do I get the money?

For the most part, it is your responsibility to find donors for your own project. Putting a project on the crowdfunding platform and waiting is not enough.

Approaching friends and acquaintances is an important part of the idea of the crowdfunding platform. As many people as possible should be motivated to participate.

  1. If the target budget sought has reached the project account in its entirety before the end of the financing phase of the project, the money will be transferred to your account. You will be charged a handling fee of 9.84 (including statutory VAT), which is deducted from the sum of money donated before it is passed on.
  2. If the target budget sought is not attained, you will receive no money (see also FAQ: "all or nothing" principle).  In this case, the donors are invited to support other projects with a high degree of financing and thus a high probability of financing. The donors are also offered the alternative of dedicating the donated money for the securing of the crowdfunding platform or putting it at the disposal of the association for its activities to strengthen the civil society. If the donors should not want that, they get their money back.