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How do I redeem a coupon?

In order to redeem a coupon, you need a user profile on

As soon as you are logged in your profile, please select your desired project for which you want to donate with your coupon. By clicking on the button “redeem coupon”, you are transferred to the donation page of the selected project. You can enter your coupon number. If the coupon is valid, you must confirm your coupon donation after clicking on “send”. The amount should then have been credited to the corresponding project.

After reloading the page, the successful redemption of the coupon can be recognised by the altered (total) level of donation and the altered degree of financing of the project.

The redemption of a coupon is treated as a normal project donation. I.e. You appear as a project donor for the respective project and are informed of the progress of the project by e-mail in the same way.

There is an entry of the project donation you made in your user profile.