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How is financed?

In the year 2009, a group of private persons came together to think about measures to strengthen the civil society. In the course of these deliberations, it was decided to establish a non-party, non-profit platform with the name Out of this arose the non-profit association - association for the promotion of respect, tolerance, openness and solidary progress in society. The association is financed by membership fees. The association is trying to also obtain donations and public funding in the future.

For the day-to-day business of the crowdfunding platform as well as other Internet platforms, the association has established a wholly-owned subsidiary, m.b.H. The association has entrusted the operation of the crowdfunding platform to its subsidiary for which it pays a monthly management fee. In addition, there are the handling fees from the project initiators. If a project is financed via the crowdfunding platform, retains a handling fee of 9.84 percent (including statutory VAT). This is intended to assure the long-term autonomous operation of the crowdfunding platform.

However, it is precisely during the initial phase that the costs for operating the crowdfunding platform are far higher than the receipts from the handling fees and the association is providing the operating company with the necessary liquidity by means of capital contributions.

If you would like to support the crowdfunding platform with a donation to the operating company, you can do so online here: Platform donation.