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How to donate for a project?

If you want to donate money for a project you may do so by pressing the button "donate" on the crowdfunding platform

Alternatively, you can use the project basket, in which you can save several projects along with the amount of money you wish to donate, in order to subsequently support these projects with one single transaction.

After clicking the "donate" button, you will be transferred to our payment service provider mPAY24. Here you will be able to decide via which payment option - credit card (MASTERCARD, VISA), online banking by Austrian banks or PayPal – you would like to do the transaction.

Likewise, it is possible to donate for projects via payment form or bank transfer. m.b.H. manages your donations in a separate project account and only releases them to the project initiators if their project meets the examination criteria and if the project has been fully financed, thus, if the project reached it funding target.

If you decided to have your e-mail address public, you can be contacted by project initiators on concerning the support of projects. Likewise, as a project donor you are able to contact the project initiators of a specific project on the platform.