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How can the crowdfunding platform be implemented in our corporate intranet? (Corporate Respekt)

We offer for companies the extranet solution called “Corporate Respekt” that includes all features of the crowdfunding platform in corporate intranets. It enables to present selected projects to employees who can allocate their donations, cast votes for votings or support the project as a volunteer. Through this offer, CSR activities become more lively and exciting: Employees have the opportunity to be actively involved in CSR activities and can decide what specific measures their company does in the context of CSR. Corporate Respekt allows CSR 2.0. 

The advantages:


  • Employees get activated and involved
  • They can select projects on that fit to them
  • New projects can be generated
  • Three options: Money donation, time donation, voting
  • Simple and safe inclusion of the features into your intranet



Corporate Respekt offers a lot of diverse options and can be individually tailored to your needs. The team will gladly advise you!

E-Mail: projekte(at)

Tel.: +43 1 4020162