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Must I comply with certain rules?

Naturally, a platform like could not work without rules. You therefore have to accept the terms and conditions of use when you register. 

But we have summarized the most important rules for project submitters once more here:

  • Projects can only be created by registered users. All fields marked with * in the online project form are obligatory fields and must be filled in.
  • Only persons with full capacity to act (legal age, majority, no custodians appointed etc.) or organisations are allowed to create projects. Persons not yet of legal age can only be “simple” users and redeem coupons.
  • All submitters undertake to give correct and full particulars concerning their person.
  • Project descriptions can still be changed in the formulation phase. It is already possible to solicit the support of project experts and project actors. If a project is completed from the point of view of the project initiators, it can be registered for the financing phase (now money can be collected). For the financing phase, all fields in the project registration form or in the section “project description” of the individual project must be filled in correctly and completely. This is checked automatically. You will be immediately informed about missing data.
  • Project initiators present sociopolitical projects on the crowdfunding platform and seek the professional, organisational and/or financial support of third parties for the implementation of their projects. This circumstance creates special obligations of diligence for project initiators in handling the professional, organisational and/or financial assistance from these third parties. Project initiators are obliged to provide correct data as to their person and the project submitted.
  • Initiators of a project with a target budget of up to EUR 3,000 must submit a final project report within four weeks after completion or cancelation of the project. The final project report must be uploaded to via the menue item “final project report”. The minimum requirements for the final project report are: a full and detailed completion of the final project report online form, four digital photos, an upload of the project’s final balance report as well as invoice copies for all costs that have been paid with the funds acquired via the platform.
  • Project initiators assume the sole responsibility for the designated use of the funds starting from the receipt of the transfer in the bank account indicated.
  • Project initiators must prove their identity. You expressly also authorise the operating company to have an enquiry to the central register (ZMR) made by service providers authorised to do so in order to check the personal data and enforce the provisions of these terms and conditions of use. If the personal data given do not completely coincide with those from the ZMR enquiry, you will be asked to correct them. If the correction is not successful, the user account of the project initiator concerned will be blocked.
  • As a basic principle of the crowdfunding platform the demands on the documentation of a project increase with the amount of the financial contributions by third parties. For this reason, there is an own project contract for projects with a target budget of more than 3000 Euro that contains additional regulations for project initiators.