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What do we understand by civil-society projects?

Civil-society projects address the state, the market-economy and the private sphere and influence their form. They deliberately influence political processes in the three main areas of a society - the state, the economy and the private sphere.

As diverse and extensive the institutions of the state, the economic activities and the biographies of the people are, so diverse are also the themes of sociopolitical projects.


Commonalities of sociopolitical projects are that they:

  • are directed towards the shaping of political processes and/or social living conditions (= do not only pursue private interests)
  • have an influence on people’s awareness and/or public opinion.
  • are neither market nor profit-oriented and not state-organised, thereby demonstrating a minimum of autonomy from the market and the state.
  • take place within the framework of joint action (= in loose groups, organisations, initiatives or social movements)