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What happens to my money?

When the target budget is attained, the project is deemed fully funded and your money will be transferred to the project initiators. The project initiators must pay a handling fee in the amount of 9.84 percent (including statutory VAT) to the operating company. This fee is simply retained when the money is paid out. The handling fee is used for the operation of the crowdfunding platform and all other expenditures of the operating company in this connection.

If the operating company does not pass the donation on to the project initiators because the target budget was not attained, it is up to you as a project donor to decide what should be done with the money you donated. This also happens if a fully funded project cannot be implemented and the operating company receives the money back from the project initiators (e.g. because of sickness).

Automatically, it will be suggested to you to allocate the money you donated to other projects with a high degree of funding. This allows other projects that aim to strengthen civil society to attain their target budget.

You can, however, also dedicate your donated money to the crowdfunding platform or to the association.

In case you do not approve any of the options offered, you can also request a repayment of your donation via e-mail. To do so, you have to indicate your complete identification data (first name, last name, address, bank connection, account number of IBAN, sort code or BIC).

You have 14 days to react after receiving the information that the funding of a project failed. If you do not react within this period, this will be taken as assent that you want to allocate the money to one of the projects with a high degree of funding. Thus, you do not necessarily have react via e-mail.

If the target of a project was not reached within a certain time, the operating company reserves the right to inform you as a project donor about this fact already before the deadline for achieving the target was reached. In this case, the operating company will either offer you to make a further donation or to combine your chosen project with a similar project. The project donors, thus, already consent with their first donation to the possibility that a project will be combined with other projects in order to reach the funding target.