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What kind of projects does have?

These are projects:

  • that are directed towards the shaping of political processes and/or social living conditions (= do not only pursue private interests)
  • have an influence on people’s awareness and/or public opinion.
  • are neither market nor profit-oriented (only in exceptional cases) and not state-organised, thereby demonstrating a minimum of autonomy from the market and the state.
  • take place within the framework of joint action (= in loose groups, organisations, initiatives or social movements)
  • through which the citizens take their concerns into their own hands and help to shape society. This also includes projects that can help people with specific concerns meet each other and form networks.

    These are projects that coincide with the values of and the general declaration of human rights. These are projects that pursue the following concerns:

    • respect & diversity (recognition of the dignity and value of every human being regardless of origin, gender, ethnicity, religion etc.)
    • democracy & civil rights (exercise of the freedom of thought, conscience, assembly, religion and trade-union freedom, improved possibilities of participation etc.)
    • social commitment (promote involvement, strengthen moral courage)
    • refugees & immigration (right to asylum, right to participate in prosperity etc.)
    • education & training (e.g. unrestricted right to education)
    • gender equality & women's right (more equal opportunities)
    • environmental protection & sustainability (preservation of a viable planet fit for human beings)
    • poverty & welfare state (right to social security and social progress, right of a living standard that (...) ensures health and  well )
    • job security (right to work)