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Why should I give away coupons?

You are making the gift of sociopolitical commitment

Maybe you, too, think that people are insufficiently concerned with social policy in their private environment? Or do you know people who would like to get involved but do not know how and where? With the coupon, you will get these people to occupy themselves with the projects on and thus with sociopolitical topics.

You (in-)directly support projects

Every coupon bought is a donation in a project. When a coupon is redeemed, the degree of financing of the selected project is increased. Every coupon thus increases the probability that a project can be fully funded and implemented.

You help to make the project change and thus the projects on better known.

To be kept alive, the projects on need as many people as possible to make a contribution: be it money, time or knowledge. The project initiators as well as we from try to make the projects accessible to many people. By purchasing coupons, you make more people aware of the projects.