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How can enterprises use coupons for their CSR?

Corporate Social Responsibility is already highly valued in Austrian enterprises and the importance of the subject will continue to increase. Important in this connection is the participation of the staff. coupons allow you to emphasise your commitment as a sustainably acting enterprise and also to make this known among your staff or business partners.

You can acquire coupons for your staff and/or business partners directly on the crowdfunding platform The coupons can be produced starting with a denomination of EUR 10 per coupon and can be distributed as an activating and involving gift to staff members and customers.

With the coupon, every recipient of this gift can easily choose a desired project and after registering on the platform donate for a project on online with the coupon.

This can serve to activate the staff for social subjects, your CSR activity receives a significantly wider base and the identification with this part of the corporate culture is increased.

There is an internal effect in the enterprise and at the same time an increase in the outward communicative effect.
The coupons can be used to good effect in your PR activities.

A survey of your advantages:

⁄    Highly effective CSR and sociopolitical measure
⁄    Additional advantages through staff involvement
⁄    Also ideal as a present for business partners
⁄    Simple handling online on the Internet
⁄    Denomination starts at 10 Euro
⁄    Every recipient of the gift chooses a desired project and donates for that project online with the coupon
⁄    Individual solutions for firms can also be created