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How to submit a project?

Do you have an idea to change the world for the better? Submit a project on and find the support you need!

1.      Complete the form in your user profile. Are you an organisation? Then you have to create a profile for organisations.

2.      Click on „submit projects“ to create your new project easily and quickly. Therefore you have to complete the form with all the requested information. If you are done, click „save“. You can still work on your project afterwards. The project will not enter the crowdfunding-phase automatically.  

3.      Now you can find your project in your profile. You can continue editing and formatting it.

4.      When you are done with the description of your project, you have to request a check by the team of Therefore you have to navigate to the area „status“ in your project and click on „request check“. Please note: By clicking on „request check“ you will not be able to edit the project further.

5.      The project-scout of will get in touch with you within the next 3 days. He will eventually give you some feedback and improvement suggestions. To finish your project you may include the feedback.

6.      If everything is finished, send the project form (in the administration-box of your project), a copy of your identification card, the PR-agreement, and p.r.n. the project contract (from 3.000 Euro  budget on) to projekte(at)  

7.      When everything is ok, your project will start with the crowdfunding-phase (financing). In the financing-phase your project will  be visible for all users. Start your crowdfunding-campaign now to call attention to your project!


Any further questions? Have a look at our FAQs.