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How to submit a project:

As the project initiator, you can easily create and describe your project under the menu item “create new project”. Simply enter the appropriate information in the five data collection fields. Click on the “next” button after every section and on the button “save” at the end.

After your project is confirmed by our back office, it becomes visible to all registered users on the crowdfunding-platform. Now you have to draw attention to your project and immediately approach other users to support your project with their time (“project actors” who may donate time), help you with their knowledge (“project experts” who may also donate time) or enable your project financially (“project investors” who may fund your project).

If your project attains the target budget, you will receive the money for your project. A handling fee including mandatory VAT becomes due for the use of our crowdfunding-platform that is paid by the project initiators to m.b.H.

These project handling fees make an important contribution to the financing and thus ensures independence from large-scale sponsors.

You as the submitter of a project are, of course, completely convinced of your project’s merits and naturally also do not doubt that it is feasible. Please note, however, that potential project investors do not have all your previous knowledge and an insight into the organisation of the project. It is important for your to awaken the trust of these people.