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Project ID: 1068


Person to contact: Oliver Hönigsberger
submitted on: 02.11.2015
Budget: € 10.984,-
Funding deadline: 18.01.2016
Country/Region: Austria/Vienna
Type: Other
Issue: Start-ups & social enterprises


Connects people – ideas – resources – projects Solidary living and creating of economic relationships with open social innovations, for implementing more sustainability in society.

Project address

oikos Vienna Welthandelsplatz 1
1020 Wien

Carinthia, Upper Austria, Vorarlberg, Vienna
  • Date of planned start: 18.01.2016
  • Date of planned end: 30.06.2016

Brief project description

#goodsharing connects people – ideas – resources – projects

The team behind #goodsharing identifies an urgent need for action to create possibilities and support for excellent ideas of a more sustainable economic system - beyond existing barriers and borders.
Goodsharing is a People Organization for realizing ‘Open Social Innovations’.

The platform provides central information and communication tools for cross-linking, and assists in building new collaborations. Our main focus is to connect needs and demands for all kind of important resources for better realizations of trend-setting projects.

We include the following resources into our concept: Knowledge and experience, time, working materials, meeting places, financial means, property, professional and emotional mentoring, success stories and field reports as role models.

Current innovations trigger potent impacts on our behavior patterns, concurrent operations and our consumption of tomorrow!
The existing structures of public innovation sponsorship are dominated by ‘technical solutions with formal business plans’. After all society get more of the same development as usual.
New Values and good sustainable impacts account much less than familiar opportunities.

In this sense we set our goals for constructing and offering a best practice information-/communication- and transaction-platform, for sharing, bartering, donating or trading with resources,  to realize more economic sustainability.

We address for collaboration
: SMEs and single entrepreneurs from market economy, municipals just as common associations and local active citizens like in ‘Agenda 21’ groups, science communities equally as students and singular innovators.

 “The time of lone fighters is coming to an end.” (Prof. Gerald Hüther, brain research)

Proof of project conclusion

1. The Platform is online, with a first version of the marketplace and some connecting services.
2. Evidence by Letter of Intents for some further collaborations.
3. A selection of photos from first moving events.
Overall accounts, copies of bills for external services, final report with future outlook.


Relevance of the project

We notice, that many people on different places over the country are engaged in some creative change projects.

Sustainability means: Ecological social intelligent and excellent, with solidary action to serve common interests and resource efficiency. Sustainability covers from ‘acting local’ to ‘thinking global’ and from regional consumption towards production of export goods.
About 80 % of the Austrian export trade is delivered to other European countries. Therefore we anticipate significant potential in European knowledge and project exchange for advancement in solidary sustainable value frameworks.
#goodsharing connects local stakeholders and their projects in a new way, offers new contacts and resources, and presents role models, who are community helpful and acting in similar claims.

Close collaboration is positive bandaging – competition is separating

Goals of the platform
: To support the processes of transformation and change, and to offer the stakeholders a wider spread of attention and networking.
Changes are most effective at a local level. Therefore we want to give a better and more intensive support to this local players of transformation.

Common activities on this platform can

·       activate additional innovation projects;

·       help to organize resources for better realization, and to generate economic adding value and participation;

·       present attractive success stories for stimulation of reproduction.

We also want to join this purposes on several levels with European neighborhood projects. Where the strengthening and stabilization of regional social economic structures is often a critical case, and for example only few local actors are engaged against the power and networks of foreign investors.

How does the platform work. How will it be used.

1. Functions

Online Tools, like the website and popular social media formats will enable a simply introduce for crowdsourcing. Project collaboration will be supported by some open source cloud services, which are part of the marketplace.
Collaboration with existing real places of involvement and civic participation enable lectures, specific presentations, live discussions and further adult education.
In our opinion these face-to-face interactions are of major relevance for intrinsic identification with innovative ideas and projects, and to get connected with the people behind the stories.

Projects, ideas and themes will be accompanied by a professional editorial staff. The marketplace shares the most relevant information, also in some special forms for registered members.
Live performances will be integrated in issue finding, preparing and engrossing the purposes.

The voluntary advisory board supports the editorial staff in picking interesting projects or preparing in a strategic sense.

For SMEs and single entrepreneurs with innovative ideas and projects we also offer some more privacy for the first steps of linking with cooperation partners.

2. Organization and structure of the platform

·       Editorial staff;

·       Voluntary advisory board;

·       Registered consulting partners;

·       Financial supporters;

·       People, who want to provide their different capacities for crowdsourcing.


Development with the crowd resources of this campaign

1. Designing and planning of the editorial work plus salaries for the editorial staff for the first months;

2. Events in some locations of our regional partners: To give a first overview about aims and values of the platform, plus a professional related event series to one head topic.

3. Subcontracting for graphic design of the website and for a marketing folder.

4. Planning of the IT-architecture with additional guidance of external experts.




  • Total budget
    € 11.000,-
  • - Own resources
    € 1.000,-
  • Funding target
    € 10.000,-
  • + Handling fee
    € 984,-
  • Target budget
    € 10.984,-
  • Funding threshold
    € 0,-
  • partial amount A (will be transferred if financing was successful)
    € 5.000,-
  • partial amount B (will be transferred after receipt of the interim report)
    € 3.500,-
  • Delivery date interim report
  • partial amount C (will be transferred after receipt of the complete project conclusion report; at least 10 % of the target budget)
    € 1.500,-
  • Delivery date final report
  • Project risks
    Risk: We don’t succeed so far in building a wide range of services, to attract enough regular members and cooperation partners for a long run financing structure for offering necessary platform services.
    This general risk is largely moderated by special managerial know-how and experiences in fields like controlling, general management and strategic development.
  • Budget planning
    1. Personnel expenses for the editorial staff: 3.500
    2. Start-Events around the country in regional partner rooms, included the lecture program and travel expenses: 2.500
    3. Public relations, press work, social media expertise:    1.500
    4. Graphic web-design and folder: 1.500
    5. Planning IT-architecture: Cloud services, marketplace and database structure: 1.000

    Important: There will be no expenses for management, controlling and planning, organizing, search for sponsorship, etc.
    Knowledge and experiences for these tasks are provided voluntary by the team.




Donate time

Please enter the hours you want to donate for the tasks.

Donate time

Still required: 28 Hours
Marketing, Communication studies, etc.