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Project ID: 1602

FREUD spenden

Initiator: Bettina Reiter
submitted on: 19.03.2018
Budget: € 106.500,-
Funding deadline: 31.12.2018
Funding threshold: € 60.000
Country/Region: Austria/Vienna
Type: Other
Issue: Respect & diversity


Let’s renovate together the most comprehensive and largest library on psychoanalysis in Europe. The Freud-Museum in Berggasse 19 needs our support!

Project address

Berggasse 19
1090 Wien
  • Date of planned start: 01.05.2019
  • Date of planned end: 01.05.2020

Brief project description

For nearly 50 years, Sigmund Freud lived and worked at Berggasse 19 in Vienna, until he had to flee the National Socialists in 1938 into exile in London. Right here he carried on his world-famous practice, established the new science of psychoanalysis, and authored his groundbreaking works.

The timeliness of Freud’s books, though publicly burned by the Nazis, persists to today. His insights into the human soul have permanently changed our thinking; they stand even now for an enlightened togetherness in our society. That is why it is important to secure this place, keeping Freud's achievements and insights alive as a mouthpiece for openness and tolerance, and to hold these realizations together into the 21st century.

Since 1971 the legendary "Berggasse 19" has been home to the Sigmund Freud Museum. It attracts more than 100,000 visitors from all over the world every year and houses the Library of Psychoanalysis in addition to a comprehensive archive. This is Europe's largest specialist library containing around 40,000 media items.

Space limitations have created a situation where the book and archive holdings today are spread over three partially dilapidated floors. We plan to bring these together on one level in 2020 and provide scientists, visitors and employees with a study library with modern equipment. The adjoining event hall will then act as a place of communication, discourse and dialogue. Equipped with state-of-the-art database and catalog software, the library and archive can be viewed online and thus become a worldwide usable digital resource.

The image and text archive, closely interlinked with the library, contains around 2,000 images and 20,000 text documents. Biographical documents, such as the emigration file of the Freud family, are also here, as well as material on the history of the International Psychoanalytical Publishing House or the Psychoanalytic Educational Counseling Center. The photo collection contains almost all existing photographs of Sigmund Freud and his family.



Proof of project conclusion

Gesamtabrechnung, Rechnungskopien zu den Ausgaben, die mit den über lukrierten Mitteln bestritten wurden, Fotodokumentation, Online-Abschlussbericht.



FREUD Carrier Bag:

We operate on a sustainable basis to safeguard Sigmund Freud’s legacy for the future. You get an ecologically friendly CARRIER BAG with a Sigmund Freud print as thanks for your donation of 42 euros to remind you that you supported a totally unique project! 


The noble NOTEBOOK in a special edition design comes with a Freud-themed pen. Thisis a great gift for your loved ones and for you too! You can capture your ideas, notes, experiences or dreams forever. 

Specialist literature:

Psychoanalysis began with Freud, and continues to occupy busy minds—respected experts make introductory texts available, thus facilitating entry into this field.

Freud on the Schilling:

Before the Euro, all Austrians had 50-Schilling bills with Freud’s photo in their pockets.  Now, to thank you for your support, you will have a framed one of these bills with our expression of gratitude.

Meet your shrink:

Lie on the couch once for a good purpose?  As a thank-you gift for your support, psychoanalysts in the campaign will make single sessions available to the participants in the “FREUD spenden” campaign.


  • Total budget
    € 100.000,-
  • - Own resources
    € 0,-
  • Funding target
    € 100.000,-
  • + Handling fee
    € 6.500,-
  • Target budget
    € 106.500,-
  • Funding threshold
    € 60.000,-
  • partial amount A (will be transferred if financing was successful)
    € 36.023,-
  • partial amount B (will be transferred after receipt of the interim report)
    € 21.614,-
  • Delivery date interim report
  • partial amount C (will be transferred after receipt of the complete project conclusion report; at least 10 % of the target budget)
    € 14.409,-
  • Delivery date final report
  • Project risks
  • Budget planning
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