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Project ID: 1755

FC Sans Papiers wishes to continue!

Initiator: Madge Gill Bukasa
submitted on: 01.10.2018
Budget: € 2.564,-
Funding deadline: 04.02.2019
Funding threshold: € 1.308
Country/Region: Austria/Vienna
Type: Campaign
Issue: Refugees & immigration


Der FC Sans Papiers fördert seit 2003 die Integration Jugendlicher ohne legalen Aufenthaltsstatus. Nach dem Tod des Obmanns Dr. Bukasa muss der FC nun für sein Weiterbestehen kämpfen.

Project address

Rotenlöwengasse 12/1, 1090 Wien
1090 Vienna

FC Sans Papiers - Die Bunten ZVR-Zahl: 438637755
  • Date of planned start: 05.09.2018
  • Date of planned end: 01.03.2019

Brief project description

The unexpected death of chairman Dr. Bukasa hit the players of FC Sans Papiers hard. Moreover the new soccer season has started and there is a lack of funding for the club to persist.

  • FC Sans Papiers is an Austrian soccer club that puts nationality and religious confession in the rear. The players originate from more than 20 African and Asian countries, they are Moslems and Christians. Most of them are asylum seekers and recognized refugees. FC Sans Papiers plays weekly matches as the active team of the WFV(Viennese Soccer Union). The encounters on the playing field between them and other teams of the WFV are supposed to reduce prejudices, fear and aggression mutually. Every player of FC Sans Papiers is an "ambassador"/a messenger for solidarity in the global community and respect for any opponent and the laws of the country.
  • The club “FC Sans Papiers –Die Bunten” plays in the Viennese division A, 2nd league. To stay there, the team practices at least once to twice a week in a sports center in Vienna. 
  • Information:

Proof of project conclusion

Proof of the project closure:
Full settlement, copy of invoices, photographic documentation

- Trainings
- organisation: reservation of the playing field, coordination with players and coach

- League Matches: matches as the home team and matches as the away team

- Public relations work: announcement of the practices and matches (website, newsletter, social media)
- photos and videos


Initial situation/problem/deficiencies: Chairman and engine of the project for many years, Dr. Di-Tutu Bukasa passed away unexpectedly in Summer 2018. The situation endangers the existing structure of FC Sans Papiers because the necessary funding that used to be guaranteed by the integration of the club into the platform “Die Bunten” is currently unavailable. FC Sans Papiers – Die Bunten was founded in Summer 2002 due to help young men facing an asylum procedure not to lose their balance in everyday life. Members of FC Sans Papiers get the opportunity to learn about society in an approbated way. By playing soccer they learn to cultivate their inner strength, to be able to defend themselves also apart from the playing field. The encounters with their own and other teams advance the knowledge of customs and rules of the country and let the players develop democratic fairness and respect for any opponent. Discipline in the game as well as respect for the state belong to the conscience of an ambassador/a messenger in the sport of soccer. The players originate in more than 20 African and Asian countries, they are Moslems and Christians. Most of them are asylum seekers and recognized refugees. FC Sans Papiers is member of the Viennese Soccer Union and currently playing in the Viennese division A, 2nd league. The public presence of the league matches in the popular soccer sport allows the board to dedicate those matches to current sociopolitical and geopolitical topics that are spread via media (newsletter, Facebook). FC Sans Papiers practices soccer as an anti-racist project, as it contributes to the reduction of prejudices and discrimination. In general, soccer is the empowerment process for FC Sans Papiers. Most of the young men use their individual talents, which they bring along from their cultural diversity, in all facets of society and thereby make a precious contribution to the development of our pluralistic and open-minded democracy. So the members of FC Sans Papiers are ambassadors/messengers for all young people who originate from immigration. Target audience:

• Young men (16 – 25 years old) from third countries who are facing asylum procedures

Since nearly fifteen years the soccer club Sans Papiers has been supporting the integration of asylum seekers through sports. Self-empowerment, active participation, team spirit, mental and physical strengthening and respect for the opponent and the rules of the game are the essential goals of the union. In the union many people with immigrant background campaign as mentors who give advice and support to young people who found their way to Austria. Since the existence of FC Sans Papiers much more than 100 players have been registered in the club. A strong inflow of people was recorded due to the refugee-movement in 2013/2014. The diversity of origins of the players is reflected in their biographies and lifestyles. A thing they all have in common is respect for humanity which includes citizens and people without documents who live socially excluded. It is an important matter for the club to respect and support the aims of the Sans Papiers who 

partnership in the global community 

▪ Attendance of (league) matches 

 ▪ Successes and climb in the football leagues 

Information about the initiators of the project:

Madge Gill Bukasa 

▪ Office and Sponsoring FC Sans Papiers (voluntary) 

 ▪ Chief editor of The Global Player Magazine 

Cyril Chima Ozoekwe 

▪ Organisation and coordination FC Sans Papiers (employed) 

▪ Alumni-player FC Sans Papiers ▪ Journalist for Radio Black Lives Matter Vienna 

Mag. Sintayehu Tsehay 

▪ Deputy chairman FC Sans Papiers 

▪ Program manager Radio Black Lives Matter FM 

 The entire team of FC Sans Papiers back the project.


  • Total budget
    € 3.749,-
  • - Own resources
    € 1.460,-
  • Funding target
    € 2.289,-
  • + Handling fee
    € 275,-
  • Target budget
    € 2.564,-
  • Funding threshold
    € 1.308,-
  • Budget planning
    Mittelverwendung Finanzierungsschwelle:
    14 x Training à 70 = 980
    16 x Dressen/Wäscherei à 20 = 320
    16 x Wasser à 10 = 160

    4 x Heimmannschaft Spielfeld à 280 = 1120
    4 x Schiedsrichter Heim à 47 = 188

    Mittelverwendung Finanzierungsziel:
    14 x Training à 70 = 980
    16 x Dressen/Wäscherei à 20 = 320
    16 x Wasser à 10 = 160

    7 x Heimmannschaft Spielfeld à 280 = 1960
    7 x Schiedsrichter Heim à 47 = 329





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