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24 experts are committed to changing the narrative of Africa in the Austrian school system using concrete and well-crafted measures. With your support, we can achieve this - join this movement!

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Implementation: 08.05.2023 - 30.04.2024
Country/Region: Austria/Vienna
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About the project

What is the project about?


The prevalent portrayal of African countries in the Austrian education system is limited to a negative Eurocentric perspective, as evidenced by current research findings. This contradicts the principles of education that should encompass democratic values, human dignity, and the recognition of equal rights for all, including people from African backgrounds, rather than solely focusing on poverty, violence, and disease.

The AEWTASS project aims to encourage critical thinking and self-reflection among students, teachers, and decision-makers regarding their perceptions of Africa.

We want to help foster a system for tomorrow's policy-makers. With this objective in mind, the project's concrete measures include:

Practical strategies:

  • Creating teaching materials from an African perspective for the Austrian education system;

  • Offer trainings (workshops) for educators who want to include the African continent in their teaching within the framework of the new curriculum, which takes effect in 2023;

  • Train-the-trainer workshops.

Needed funds:

  • The project requires 9.500€ to fund its implementation.

With your support we will achieve our goals.
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What happens with the money if financing was successful

The financial resources we aim to generate through the crowdfunding on respekt.net are exclusively intended to cover the costs of essential components for the present project.

This includes:

  • Planning and organization of workshops for educators
  • Fees for workshop trainers
  • Creation of teaching materials
  • Public relations
  • Content creation for our new website (currently under development, where educators can access teaching resources)
  • Workshop sessions and
  • Office supplies

In 2019, the innovative educational program Advancing Equality Within The Austrian School System (AEWTASS) was established. The central focus of all considerations is the optimization of the representation of people with African heritage and the diaspora in the Austrian education system.

The AEWTASS project offers sustainable solutions on a multi-perspective level for the Austrian education sector.

For more information, please visit our website www.aewtass.org and Instagram: _aewtass_

Projektstandort: , Vienna, Austria

Funding target:
€ 9.000,-
Handling fee:
€ 900,-
Crowdfunding amount:
€ 9.900,-
Funding threshold:
€ 5.000,-
Payout amount part 1:
€ 5.028,-
Payout amount part 2:
€ 559,-
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