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Project ID: 1530

Shelter Project - Iraq

Person to contact: Josef Vinatzer
submitted on: 14.08.2017
Budget: € 250.000,-
Funding deadline: 17.01.2018
Funding threshold: € 150.000
Country/Region: Austria/Vienna
Type: Campaign
Issue: Refugees & immigration


Project address

Neubaugasse 56/2
A-1070 Wien
  • Date of planned start: 01.08.2017
  • Date of planned end: 31.12.2017

Brief project description

In Iraq, at least 3.5 million people have been internally displaced. Many of them would like to move back, and some parts of the country would even be safe for resettlement by now – but their homes no longer exist.

This is why has launched a resettlement initiative. Our pilot project, to be implemented with the help of our project partners, will enable 500 families in northern Iraq to go back and start to rebuild. 

Our project will provide these families with Better Shelters: ready-to-assemble emergency housing units, made from robust plastic panels that clip onto steel pipe frames, that come with a lockable door and roof-top solar panels to provide electricity. 

These shelters – developed by IKEA Foundation together with UNHCR – are destined in the Tikrit area, some 200 km from Baghdad. The housing kits will be distributed by the Swiss NGO Terre des hommes (TdH) and assembled together with the families waiting for shelter. The project will be monitored by TdH, and the local authorities will be involved.

Major donors will contribute one-half of the funding required for the 500 shelters, provided we manage to raise the other half. 

Now it is up to us to get the project off the ground. For every € 500 we raise, one family will receive a Better Shelter – but we need your support, and even € 10 will make a difference.

Proof of project conclusion

Gesamtabrechnung, Rechnungskopien zu den Ausgaben, die mit den über lukrierten Mitteln bestritten wurden, Fotodokumentation, Online-Abschlussbericht.


Warfare in Iraq between ISIS on the one hand and the Iraqi armed forces, Kurdish fighters and armed Shiite militants on the other has turned an estimated 3.3 million Iraqis into internally displaced persons ever since armed conflicts started to escalate in 2014. Add to this another 1 million people that have since fled the city of Mosul. Most displaced persons would like to go back and rebuild their their destroyed homes and thus take back their lives once resettlement is safe. Otherwise they risk spending prolonged periods in refugee camps, or they may even have to flee the country. and its project partners Better Shelter and Terre des hommes have joined forces for a pilot project to help 500 families to go back and rebuild by providing temporary housing – housing kits that were developed by Better Shelter together with UNHCR, with IKEA Foundation contributing the development costs.

Terre des hommes, a global aid organization, will start to distribute the housing kits on site in September 2017 and assemble the units together with the families in need of shelter. Having been active in northern Iraq since 2014, Terre des hommes representatives have become familiar with the local authorities. The pilot project will start in the Tikrit area, which remains devastated and deserted after having been ravaged by ISIS in 2014. By now the area is safe enough for many families to want to move back. Resettlement has been approved by the local authorities.

Apart from the general crowdfunding platform, a dedicated website (available in English, German and Arabic) will track the project and inform about the project partners, the crowdfunding status and on-site activities. In short, for every € 500 raised, crowdfunders will be able to provide one family with housing as the other € 500 required per unit is contributed by major donors. In addition, the website will feature comments and video messages of supporters, which will also be distributed through social media channels.


  • Total budget
    € 167.525,-
  • - Own resources
    € 0,-
  • Funding target
    € 167.525,-
  • Funding threshold
    € 150.000,-
  • partial amount A (will be transferred if financing was successful)
    € 152.262,-
  • partial amount B (will be transferred after receipt of the interim report)
    € 0,-
  • Delivery date interim report
  • partial amount C (will be transferred after receipt of the complete project conclusion report; at least 10 % of the target budget)
    € 15.263,-
  • Delivery date final report
  • Project risks
    Die Zusammenarbeit mit den örtlichen Behörden ist in diesem Zusammenhang nicht immer klar vorhersehbar. Dieses Risiko wird die Umsetzung an sich nicht gefährden, sondern höchstens verzögern.
  • Budget planning
    Eine Better Shelter-Unterkunft kostet ca. USD 1.150, 500 Unterkünfte somit USD 575.000 (ca EUR 500.000). Die indirekten Kosten (Transport, Organisation und Abwicklung vor Ort) werden von Großspendern oder den beteiligten NGO übernommen, sodass die gesamten Spenden direkt in die Unterkünfte fließen. Von den EUR 500.000 ist die Hälfte durch Großspender gesichert. Anders gesagt: Mit EUR 500 kann für eine Familie eine Unterkunft geschaffen werden, dank der Verdoppelungsspender.

    Außerdem verzichtet bei diesem Projekt auf die Abwicklungsgebühr.




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